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La Luz | A San Antonio Tortilla Shop

Our Story

La Luz Tortilla Factory is a family-owned business that provides Amazingly Delicious Tortillas to restaurants, caterers, hotels, schools, and the wonderful community of San Antonio.

Meet the Pineda Family

Noe Pineda Sr and his wife Magdalena Pineda always struggled finding the perfect tortilla for their storefront, Papi’s Molino.

La Luz Tortilla Factory stood out the most as the tortilla was soft, fluffy, and rich in flavor.

The tortilla choice was a success as many customers kept coming back and more kept coming!

The previous owners of La Luz took notice and sold the business and recipe to Noe and Magdalena without any knowledge on how to make tortillas.

Together with their four sons, they continue to make the best tortillas in San Antonio along with Papi’s famous barbacoa, menudo, and delicious tamales!



& Care

Our Mission

We aim to provide the best quality tortillas to all of San Antonio whether it be a client or a local customer.

Our Vision

We want to show the taste of Amazingly Delicious Tortillas to all of Texas and be the number one distributor of tortillas in the entire State!

Our Factory

With the little space we have, we do our best to manufacture thousands of tortillas daily to meet the demand in San Antonio

Our Process

At 2am, we begin preparing our first batch where we make the flour into dough. From a massive 200lb dough, we cut all the way down to 1oz balls.

By 4am, the oven turns on and the entire staff arrives to begin production. The 1oz balls get pressed into round tortillas and sent into the oven.

Once out the oven, the tortillas cool down on a conveyor belt where they will be sorted by size and cooled down once more before being packaged.