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Best Barbacoa in San Antonio

Fresh Barbacoa

Our barbacoa is served hot and delicious with three different options: All Meat, Regular, and Lengua

San Antonio Barbacoa

Barbacoa and Big Red

La Luz Barbacoa is slowly cooked over night to tenderize and elevate the juicy flavor. Our cooking process with the quality meat are what separates us from everyone else.

Pair it with Big Red at La Luz Tortilla Factory and see why we have the best barbacoa in San Antonio!


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Cost of Barbacoa in San Antonio

How much is a pound of Barbacoa?

1lb of All Meat – $16.25

1lb of Regular – $15.25

1lb of Lengua – $24.99

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Where to Buy Barbacoa?

Looking for a place that has fresh, delicious barbacoa?

Looking for another weekend favorite?

Come get a dozen tamales, available only on weekends


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Looking for fresh tortillas?

Come get a free sample of our tortillas, made fresh daily!


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