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Best Tamales in San Antonio

Delicious Tamales

Homemade tamales by the dozen in Pork, Chicken, and Bean

La Luz Tamales

Mexican Tamales

Our tamales are made with traditional Mexican recipes. La Luz Tamales are a San Antonio favorite that come in three flavors: Pork, Chicken, and Bean. We only make our tamales on the weekends to ensure freshness.

Fulfill your weekend craving at La Luz Tortilla Factory with delicious tamales and the best tortillas in San Antonio!


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How Much is a Dozen of Tamales?

Pork Tamales – $16.00

Delicious tamales made with our original family recipe.

Chicken Tamales – $16.00

Savory chicken tamales made with salsa verde.

Bean Tamales – $16.00

Flavorful bean tamales made with refriend pinto beans and seasoned generously.

Three tamales stacked in the background with one tamal in the front
Three tamales stacked on a plate
Three tamales laying next to each other on a plate with one tamal on a linen

Where to Buy Tamales

Are you looking for the best tamales in San Antonio?

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What to Serve with Tamales

15 Best Sides to Serve with Tamales at La Luz Tortilla Factory
Looking for more weekend favorites?

Come try our hot and fresh barbacoa, only available on weekends!


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La Luz Barbacoa Tacos on a plate
Flour tortillas stacked on top of a linen
Looking for fresh tortillas?

Come get a free sample of our tortillas, made fresh daily!


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