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We offer many resources for a variety of needs tailored custom for your menu. Our tortillas are made with natural ingredients to ensure quality product.

We Can Serve Your Business

At La Luz Tortilla Factory, we have nearly 40 years of experience manufacturing the perfect tortilla for any occasion.

Woman holding a taco made from La Luz Tortilla Factory

The best tortillas and chips in San Antonio for your customers.

Create your recipes without worrying about quality or quantity. We provide many sizes and quantities based on your preference.

We also offer delivery in all of San Antonio! Learn more about our Restaurant Services

A line of serving trays at a catering event.

Large quantity products for your events.

Give your guests a unique dining experience with Amazingly Delicious Tortillas, chips, and more!

All of your products freshly made and ready for your event! Learn more about our Catering Services

Child getting served food in a cafeteria with two lunch ladies

All-natural products for growing children.

Serve quality products your children will enjoy. All tortillas contain no sugar to help provide a nutritionally balanaced meal.

Each tortilla has the ingredients that gives children a better childhood!

Woman chef putting a dash of salt on a dish

Large variety of products for any convention.

Give your convention hosts the best quality food San Antonio has to offer! From Amazingly Delicious Tortillas to the BEST tamales to the freshest chips, we ensure every. event is guaranteed quality food!

We also offer delivery services in all of San Antonio! Learn more about our Hotel Services

You Can Expect:


High quality tortillas

Personalized service

Wholesale pricing

Fulfilled orders

Customers to love your tacos

Accessibility with our staff

What We Provide

Fresh Flour Tortillas

Our flour tortillas are soft, fluffy, and come in many sizes! From mini tacos to massive burritos, our tortillas cover everything in-between!

White Corn Tortillas

Soft, gluten-free corn tortillas that are versatile and healthy!

Corn Tortilla Chips

Crispy, gluten-free yellow corn tortilla chips that can hold as much salsa as you want!


Our tostadas are made strong to withstand your toppings yet crunchy to enjoy!

Taco Shells

Looking for a classic crunchy taco for your guests?

Mini Sweet Bread

We have a bakery that will supply your needs for any occasion. We offer Pan Dulce, Empanadas, Marranitos, Polvorones, Donuts, and more!


Barbacoa by the pound, a San Antonio favorite anyone can enjoy! Slow cooked overnight to tenderize uplift all the delicious flavor!


Traditional Mexican recipes that make the best tamales in San Antonio! We offer Pork, Chicken, and Bean tamales.


Our fried pork rinds are always crunchy and tasty! We make our chicharron bite size, perfect for picking.