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There is no better way to celebrate our San Antonio than giving your guests a taste of these delicious, authentic tortillas.

With over 50 restaurants using La Luz Tortillas, you are guaranteed fresh and delicious food for every event!

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We impress our community with great tortillas and service. We believe everyone deserves high quality tortillas that make tacos better!

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At La Luz, we don’t just offer tortillas. We have everything you need to make delicious Mexican cuisines. Our tortilla chips are perfect for dips. Our delicious tamales are packed with flavor, and our tostadas are crispy and satisfying. We also have taco shells, chicharron, and barbacoa. And for dessert, we have delicious pan dulce and empanadas.

Whatever your guests need, we are your one stop shop. Contact La Luz today!

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We have been delivering top quality tortillas since 1984. We have decades worth of dedication!

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You can get a hold of us instantly by calling us. Or you can contact us on our website and expect us to reach out to you within 24 hours!

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