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3 Places to Get the Best Tamales in San Antonio for Christmas 2023

Christmas tamales

Written By: Nathan Pineda

I crunch numbers at La Luz Tortilla Factory and help businesses get more customers at Curious Laiman Digital.

November 9, 2023

Where to buy Christmas Tamales in San Antonio

  1. Papi’s Barbacoa #1 on West Ave.
  2. Papi’s Barbacoa #2 on Culebra
  3. La Luz Tortilla Factory

Tamales are a Christmas tradition in San Antonio but getting a hold of fresh tamales can be stressful if you don’t know where to go. What’s worse is when you go somewhere and the tamales aren’t what you hoped. So you’re stuck with bland tamales and an unenjoyable holiday dinner.

Look no further! Here are three places you can preorder Christmas tamales so you’re not running around and worrying if you’ll find great tamales.

Papi's Barbacoa on West Avenue - Where to Get the Best Tamales in San Antonio for Christmas

1. Papi’s Barbacoa #1 at West Ave

Since 2001, Papi’s Barbacoa #1 on West Ave has been making tamales for Christmas for many families to enjoy. They take preorders in advance to ensure their customers aren’t left without tamales for the holiday season.

The Pineda family at Papi’s make three flavors of tamales: pork, chicken, and bean. You can also grab some Big Red and barbacoa to pair with your tamales!

“the tamales here were a great balance of pork and masa and good flavor,”

—Emili Gonzalez, 5-star Google Review

You can head to Papi’s any time before December 24th to place your order or you can call at (210) 377-1803. Just keep in mind they are only open on the weekends.

If you can’t make it, Papi’s can also take preorders online! Just head to Preorder Tamales at Papi’s Barbacoa #1 on West Ave.

Papi's Barbacoa on Culebra - Where to Get the Best Tamales in San Antonio for Christmas

2. Papi’s Barbacoa #2 at Culebra

If Central San Antonio is a little far for you, there’s another Papi’s on Culebra road between 410 and Grissom!

After finding success in making barbacoa and tamales, Papi’s Barbacoa opened a new location on Culebra road! The food is just as great and their flour tortillas are amazing!

Aside from pork tamales, this location now sells chicken tamales and bean tamales!

Papi’s Barbacoa is only open on the weekend so be sure to place your holiday order. You can show up in person, call at (210)481-4113, or preorder tamales online at Papi’s #2!

La Luz Tortilla Factory Storefront

3. La Luz Tortilla Factory

When it comes to preordering your Christmas tamales, La Luz Tortilla Factory is a clear choice! Not only do we have the best tamales in San Antonio, you can place your order Wednesday through Sunday in person or over the phone at (210) 734-8523.

You can also preorder Christmas tamales online!

While you’re here, you can pick up some fresh tortillas for your holiday dinner or save them for some great breakfast tacos!

“The flour tortillas, tamales and barbacoa are always very good here. Helpful and friendly staff.”
—G Guerra, 5-star Google Review
There are three choices of tamales: pork, chicken, or bean. If you wanted to sweeten your holiday dinner, you can also reserve buñuelos before we run out!


Preorder Tamales online


Why Should I Buy Tamales for Christmas?

Christmas is all about family, and what better way to bring your loved ones closer than with some tender tamales?

Abuelita will be so proud that you’re continuing this wonderful tradition. Not only does it make for great food at dinner time, but introducing children to these delicious treats can nurture memories they’ll hold forever!

How Much is a Dozen Tamales?

A dozen of tamales at La Luz Tortilla Factory cost:
  • Pork Tamales: $16.00
  • Chicken Tamales: $16.00
  • Bean Tamales: $16.00

How Many Tamales Per Person?

It depends what you’re serving with your tamales. Typically, we recommend two tamales per person with sides like rice and beans plus another entree.

If you’re only serving tamales with sides, three tamales per person would be enough to satisfy!

What to Serve with Tamales

Basic sides to serve with tamales consist of Spanish rice and refried beans. You can easily enhance your dish by adding avocado/guacamole and sour cream on top of your tamales. Bring the heat with some spicy salsa or mild for flavor. Include some freshness like pico de gallo or just chopped tomato, onion, and cilantro if you’re not into the jalapeño spice!

It doesn’t hurt to have some fresh tortillas on the side to help you get forkfuls of tamales, rice, and beans!

If you’re looking for sweetness, you can have some buñuelos after your holiday meal (or before, if you’re trying to treat yourself).

Where to Find the Best Tamales in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a local favorite, these are the places to go! Both Papi’s Barbacoa and La Luz Tortilla Factory are owned and operated by the same family so you’re sure to get the best tamales in San Antonio!

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