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Benefits of Ordering from a Tortilla Factory

Benefits of Ordering From a Tortilla Factory

Written By: Nathan Pineda

I crunch numbers at La Luz Tortilla Factory and help businesses get more customers at Curious Laiman Digital.

April 19, 2023

Ordering from a tortilla factory is the perfect way to take your tacos to the next level. 

Whether you own a restaurant or just making food at home, having high-quality, freshly made tortillas really does make a difference. 

I’m gonna tell you about some of the great benefits that come with ordering straight from a tortilla factory like us.

Overview Of Tortilla Factories

Tortilla factories are great local places where tortillas are freshly made.

They use special machines to turn corn and flour into delicious tortillas. 

Tortilla factories help the community by conveniently providing tortillas for people to eat, helping restaurants with tortillas, and supporting local events.

Corn and flour tortillas

Types of Tortillas Offered

Tortilla factories offer two types of tortilla: corn and flour.

Corn tortillas are a classic Mexican tortilla that taste authentic and healthy. They’re used in a bunch of Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and chalupas. When fried, these tortillas make great chips that pair nicely with salsa and guacamole.

Flour tortillas are a Texan favorite that come bigger than corn tortillas and have a more buttery flavor. These tortillas come in a variety of sizes from 4” to 12” for mini taquitos or massive burritos! 

Only at a tortilla factory can you get fresh tortillas in any size you want!

Daily Fresh Tortillas

Since tortilla factories make tortillas all day, you can score fresh tortillas directly from them!

That’s why when you get tortillas from us, they’ll always be fresh! We make tortillas every day we’re open and we believe you deserve the freshest!

All of our ingredients are locally sourced and made with no preservatives.

Our commitment to making high-quality tortillas helped us become the best tortillas in San Antonio.

Unlike other places, our flour tortillas are made using traditional methods and ingredients which make them soft and fluffy! 

Get directions to La Luz Tortilla Factory to get a taste of fresh flour tortillas any day we are open!

Cost Benefits

Wonder why it’s important to buy factory-made tortillas versus making them yourself?

First off, ordering from a factory is easier since you don’t have to buy all the ingredients yourself. Plus, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time making each tortilla. 

Think about it: you’ll spend an hour going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. Then you’ll spend another hour making the tortillas from scratch. Finally you can start making dinner which will probably take another hour!

Don’t waste time making tortillas, get perfectly fresh tortillas from a reliable tortilla factory!

Ordering from La Luz Tortilla Factory

Ease Of Ordering

Ordering from a tortilla factory has never been easier. At La Luz, you can order tortillas online and pick up your tortillas the same day!

Not only that, you can come in any time we are open and we will always have tortillas for you!

We make thousands of tortillas per hour to supply restaurants, hotels, schools, and caterers. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on tortillas when you get here!

Variety of Sizes

Thought we had one size of tortilla?

Think again! We make many sizes of tortillas especially in the flour.

Our sizes range from 4” to 12” so you can make anything from taquitos to burritos!

As for our corn tortillas, we only make two sizes. The mini yellow corn is 4” and the regular white corn is 6”.

Grab any tortilla you need for tacos, we’ll have it for you!

How long do flour tortillas last at La Luz Tortilla Factory

Shelf Life Of Factory-Made Tortillas

Depending where you buy your tortillas, you can buy them fresh with no preservatives. Some factories like to push preservatives in their tortillas so they can last months.

We believe it’s not natural for food to stay “edible” for that long. That’s why we don’t put any preservatives in our tortillas. 

Our tortillas last about three to four days at room temperature, two weeks in the refrigerator, and about 3 months in the freezer!

La Luz delivers to restaurants in San Antonio

Delivery Available

Are you a restaurant? Or a food truck? Because we offer delivery to all of our clients!

All you need to do is call and place your order at least one day in advance so we can prep your order and route.

Although we don’t deliver to customers directly, we would love to know if you’d be interested! Maybe it could be something we do in the future… you can email us how delivery could make your life easier!

We know convenience is key. We would love to deliver to you one day and give the best quality tortillas you can buy straight to your door!

Amazingly Delicious Guarantee

We are confident that you will love our tortillas. That’s why we have our Amazingly Delicious Satisfaction Guarantee:

Love ‘em or your dough back!

If you’re not satisfied with our tortillas, bring ’em for your money back!

Let me break down why we’re so confident you’ll love our tortillas:

  • Quality: We use fresh ingredients and make all of our tortillas in-house daily so you get the freshest, most delicious tortilla possible.
  • Variety: We make a variety of tortilla sizes to choose from. Whether you’re making mini tacos or burritos, we got you covered!
  • Service: Our customer service goes above and beyond to make sure you’re always happy with La Luz Tortillas! 

We believe your tacos should have great tortillas. That’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction no matter what! So go ahead and give us a try today to see why more people come to La Luz for their tortillas!

Why Choose A Tortilla Factory?

If you’re looking for the freshest tortillas, La Luz Tortilla Factory is your best choice!

It’s easy to get your tortillas, we offer many sizes, and we offer both corn and flour.

Whether you’re a local or a restaurant owner who wants high quality ingredients without having to worry about making tortillas at home, we are a perfect solution! Plus, you’ll save all that time grinding out tortillas in the kitchen!

Take advantage of getting fresh tortillas and head to La Luz Tortilla Factory today!

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