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Where to Buy Fresh Tortillas in San Antonio

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Written By: Nathan Pineda

I crunch numbers at La Luz Tortilla Factory and help businesses get more customers at Curious Laiman Digital.

June 11, 2022

Tortillas are a must-have in any San Antonio household. They can be made with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can even eat them as a snack with some butter y vamonos!

The only problem is finding good tasting, quality tortillas. Grocery stores tend to be unreliable since their products are made with low-quality ingredients and preservatives to increase shelf life.This makes the tortillas high in calories, lack nutrition, and taste bland.

The only solution is to buy fresh tortillas from a local tortilla shop. Below are three tortilla factories San Antonio has to offer.

3. Adelita Tamales

Located at 1130 Fresno Drive, San Antonio, TX 78201 , Adelita Tamales produces fresh corn and flour tortillas. The company makes all kinds of color corn tortillas with different sizes and even makes tortilla chips! As for their flour tortillas, they are made thin yet dense according to San Antonio Express News.

Adelita is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7am-2pm so catch them while you can!

2. Los Angeles Tortilleria

Los Angeles Tortilleria is another tortilla factory located at 300 N Zarzamora St San Antonio, TX 78207. This business is open daily and their hours vary by the day. Exact hours can be found on Google or Facebook (they\’re different…?). Nonetheless, their tortillas are made fresh.

The corn tortillas at Los Angeles are thin, delicate, and come in one size. Their flour tortillas are made big and chewy. From the looks of it, they close pretty late according to their Facebook page so check them out whenever you get the chance!

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1. La Luz Tortilla Factory

Last but not least, La Luz Tortilla Factory is where you can find the best fresh tortillas! There are a variety of corn tortillas you can select from. For instance, La Luz makes the best mini yellow corn tortillas which are perfect for street tacos. During the week, we make restaurant style white corn tortillas that are used for quesadillas, tacos, and more! On the weekend, the corn tortillas are made thin and tasty to pair with the delicious barbacoa and menudo!

Our flour tortillas are made with the utmost care and quality. We make our tortillas soft, savory, and fluffy! From 4am to noon, we produce thousands of hot and fresh flour tortillas to restaurants, caterers, hotels, schools, and the wonderful community of San Antonio!

La Luz flour tortillas go great with anything. Whether you are making tacos or quesadillas, you can depend on our tortillas to elevate your dish! You can even wrap our delicious tamales in a tortilla and enjoy a simple meal! If you’re in need of fresh tortillas, look no further than La Luz Tortilla Factory! Our tortillas are always fresh with quality ingredients. We can help you save time in the kitchen and give you a few recipe ideas.

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